Legal Research and Contract Management

Carefully planned and organized efforts for successful accomplishment of your projects.

Legal Research services performed by SunLexis, the legal process outsourcing India company, can form the basis of making informed decisions on the advice to be given to the clients, the right path to take for making appearance in the court and the right set of legislative authority and case law to resort to win against the opposition.

Contract Management Services at SunLexis encompass the entire lifecycle of a contract. Right from creating the first draft of a contract to editing an existing contract to review and analysis of a contract to abstraction from a contract – we manage it all! We subsequently provide comprehensive analysis and case summarization of each case.

Why outsource to SunLexis

Legal Research and Contract Management services at SunLexis can bring you the following advantages:

  • Advantage of Experience – the litigation division at SunLexis consists of well-qualified lawyers, paralegals, SMEs, back-office operators whose combined experience is more than 15 years.
  • Advantage of Expertise – lawyers in India are educated and trained in Common Law system and English is the first language in the legal profession. Besides being conversant in common law system, the lawyers in India are also thorough with civil based system of law as they are provided training in International Laws.
  • Advantage of result-oriented services – as we follow a step-by-step approach in the execution of our research and contract management, we come up with results that are accurate and meet the quality standards set up by the client.
  • Advantage of being on top of information – the fact that we have access to some of the best research portals and our experience in carrying out legal document review and research ensures that the information we research is current and up-to-date.
  • Advantage of having repository of precedents – the fact that our lawyers are experienced in the area of drafting agreements and contracts ensures that we have a large set of templates and precedents at our disposal.
  • Advantage of saving on your costs – outsource your legal research and contract management services to SunLexis and attain legal service India that saves as much as 50% of the costs you spend on these time-consuming yet extremely important aspects of litigation.
  • Advantage of saving on time – spending your time on legal research and managing the contracts at various stages can become extremely time-consuming. You can save on these efforts and get the time to concentrate on growing your business by choosing SunLexis’ legal outsourcing India services

Our Legal Research and Contract Management Services expand to:

Utilizing SunLexis’ technology enabled legal drafting, proofreading and copyediting, lease abstraction, legal contract review, medical records review and a complete bouquet of legal outsourcing services legal counsel obtain improved capabilities, reduce costs and scale up resourcing without incurring incremental expenses.

Precedent/Template Creation Services

We have considerable experience in helping the companies dealing in the creation of forms and precedents. Our expertise in analyzing repetitive correspondence, contracts, documentation, notes has made us develop easy-to use precedents, checklist, how-to-guides and practice notes. We can act as your reliable and trusted partners for collating and preparing precedent libraries.

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