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  • Team SunLexis Recently Executes Personal Injury Demand Cases Drafting.
    SunLexis has been successfully assisting the Personal Injury attorneys review and analyze the medical records, identifying the missing information/mistakes in the prepared medical records, prepare Personal Injury Demand Letters based on their medical record review and analysis.
  • Supporting an India-based Multinational with Extensive Compliance Research Services.
    The India based money remittance provider receives our compliance and due diligence research services that shall be instrumental in setting up our client's money service business all over the world. The client aspires to scale-up its offerings and venture into financial and monetary transactions related business across 23 nations worldwide. Click here.
  • Legal Outsourcing gains momentum in spite of the recent developments taking place at US political/economical upfront. Labeled as "hot button" issue, legal outsourcing remains most preferred modus operandi for faster turnarounds and economical operations.
    Primarily emerged as a way to cut costs and gain more control over business outcomes, Legal Process Outsourcing has always been under stern scrutiny for the involved critical business nature. The countries world-over have not only approved the same but also accepted it through legitimate measures. Despite the changing political/economical conditions and subsequent threats of imposed restrictions, Legal Outsourcing continues to gain momentum all across the globe and benefit the organizations through faster turnarounds and economical operations.
  • SunLexis executes a large Financial Data Coding Project for a prestigious name like London Business School. The top notch fraternity received SunLexis' extensive coding and mining services for better functionality and speedier processes.
    Team SunLexis recently executes a financial data coding project for the most prestigious London Business School, the name that certainly adds sparkles to our client list. The project was a combination of Contract Abstraction and Litigation Coding that involved meticulously analyzing the load files sent by the client and providing the same in the systematically organized client approved format.
  • All in a month! SunLexis grabs three fairly large projects of Lease Abstraction Service from Real Estate Companies in United States.
    In today's real estate business, everything is subject to underwriting and review. Thence it is extremely crucial to not only establish due diligence but also have all the facts clear and handy through systemized Lease Abstraction, the service highly desired by many of our clients. We are extremely glad to announce that we have recently acquired three fairly large projects of Lease Abstraction Service from Real Estate Companies in United States.
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Digital Content Conversion
    Our set to digitization and data conversion service includes:
  • Data processing
  • Data enrichment/enhancement
  • Document conversion (HTML/XML / XHTML).
  • Scanning
  • Formatting
  • Proofreading
  • Database development and management
LPO Company India


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