Virtual Legal Assistant Services

Many law firms are already capitalizing by means of virtual assistance and outsourcing their legal / paralegal work to virtual legal assistants, based at remote destinations. The proposition allows them to focus on core activities and reap cost benefits (as virtual legal assistants are definitely less expensive and don’t require employment, retention and infrastructure-support cost).

Sunlexis provides comprehensive legal, paralegal and administrative assistant services to legal community and international corporations, essential for the efficient functioning of their successful legal operations. We smoothen the work flow of law firms and assist corpo-legal departments with issues like legal compliance, commercial disputes, corporate structuring etc. with highly structured virtual paralegal services.

The legal virtual assistants and lawyers at SunLexis are qualified, experienced (especially at handling international – US, UK and European law), resourceful and thorough. They make diligent efforts to ensure successful execution of every project.

  • Contract Management Legal drafting, re-drafting, abstraction, review, proofreading, editing, precedent / template creation
  • Discovery Management document review, litigation coding, database management, indexing
  • Legal Research & Analysis involving primary sources & secondary sources
  • Trial Exhibit Preparation
  • Intellectual Property Management for Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks etc.
  • Legal Transcription, Typing and Digitization

Virtual Advantages

Utilizing VAs (Virtual Legal Assistants) to handle your procedural and practical workload allows you to alleviate salary, additional benefits and overhead expenses. They help you meet demands of new or increased businesses, without in-house staffing concerns.

  • Keep you at ease with last minute deadlines.
  • Increased bottom line profits.
  • Ample time at hand to devote at business expansion.
  • Access to highly qualified and experienced workforce, at much affordable costs.
  • Flexibility to modify project specifications to your particular requirements.
  • We have access to specialized tools like Westlaw, Oncle, Highbeam, LexisNexis etc. to conduct research on various issues and subjects. For further details, please contact us We’ll help you get back to focusing on what you do best – practice law.


To make our clients comfortable with our workflow processes and promises, being one of the most sought after virtual law firms we can also conduct a no obligation, no-fee, project sample. This also helps us in better understanding client’s requirements and defines proper project specifications from the first stage of execution for highly efficient virtual assistant services. So whether you want a full team of litigation legal assistants working for your project or hire a lawyer, you can get in touch with us at We would be glad to assist you in whatever way we can.

Professional Solutions for successful execution of your projects.

Suited for a variety of individual legal/paralegal projects, our teams allow you having control over the workflow. They can assist you in the preparation for an upcoming trial, and help with last minute work on pleadings due in court.

Send us the list of projects/queries at hand you want us to assist you with. We can help you draft documents, correspondences and memoranda; research legal issues; comply with corresponding legal authority and acquire & protect intellectual property rights.

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