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Strong logical sense, litigation expertise and well-structured English writing skills are required for delivering high value deposition summary services or deposition summaries. For litigation, Deposition summary stands out to be one of the most important tools. At SunLexis, Deposition Summaries are drafted by qualified legal professionals – competent in reviewing, identifying and analyzing the most leading facts. This is followed by producing a well articulated synopsis.

Tired of struggling through extended deposition transcripts? SunLexis’ Deposition Summary Services is the answer.

Deposition Digesting: Key Issues

Testimonies can range up to 100s of pages. The litigation attorneys would know how tiresome it can be to flip through pages of deposition testimony for finding the key points in the testimony, which is actually essential for the case. The process can be time-consuming and painstaking.

The Spectrum of Deposition Summary Services provided at SunLexis

We at SunLexis are known for accuracy, rich, easy to read and reliable deposition summaries which primarily include (but not limited to):

  • Personal injury
  • Medical malpractice
  • Insurance cases
  • Patent Infringement
  • Breach of Contract
  • Intellectual property
  • Wrongful termination
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Other types of deposition

SunLexis will work closely with you as we look forward to deliver deposition transcripts that go in sync with your requirements along with all the other relevant information. Our team has the necessary litigation expertise and a good command over English writing skills, which enables us to provide well analyzed deposition summary transcripts.

Format for our Deposition Digesting / Deposition Summary Services

  • Standard templates and instruction memos / Customized templates as per your requirements
  • A track of dates, locations, names, exhibits and other key facts in a paragraph or story format.
  • Indexed transcriptions for retrieval and cross reference by subject matter, witness terminology and other key facts.

Why Choose SunLexis for Deposition Summaries / Deposition Digesting?

  • • With our Deposition Summary Services, we convert your depositions into manageable, clear and concise summaries. Providing deposition summaries is our forte. With our comprehensive experience in writing Deposition Summaries, we have been providing our clients with reliable, quick and precise Digesting and Deposition Summary Services.
  • • SunLexis is well appointed with experienced legal professionals for producing quality deposition transcripts by carrying out the crucial analysis and summarization. The professionals here can reduce the testimony to key facts which in turn provides a well articulated outline of the significant events, dates and witnesses. The summaries prepared by us would be written in comprehensible sentences with page/line references, without the use of many abbreviations or contractions.
  • • Sunless Deposition Summaries have a proven track record of excellence, efficiency and reliability. The highest possible standards of quality are maintained. SunLexis is a cost effective and efficient solution for all your deposition summary needs. We have the experience and resources necessary to undertake your most challenging cases. The experts at SunLexis don’t just summarize your depositions quickly and cost effectively, but proficiently too. Here your summaries would be performed by legal professionals.

Allow Us To Assist You With Our Deposition Summary Services!

We will provide you with a thorough, well written deposition summaries and consequently help you concentrate on the key issues in your trial. You can contact us at for more details.

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