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Helping you Establish Rights to your Inventions!

Patents work as a useful tool in creating a positive image for an entity. Companies mention registered patents in various modes of promotion (like print or electronic ads) to project an authentic and respectful image in the public domain. With the development in technology, new forms are being devised to make commercial use of Intellectual Property

Industries and inventors are generating financial benefits through licensing, sale, and commercialization of the IP-protected products, processes and services. An infamous Trademark or a leading Patent holds much more worth than a physical asset. However, the processes of acquiring, maintaining and Patent protection is quite laborious and might divert your focus from your core function.

We at SunLexis provide a complete range of Patent procurement and invention protection services to Inventors, Patent Practitioners, Businesses and Technology companies. We help them attain a strong market position by virtue of helping them acquire and maintain Patents against their technological inventions. This includes..

Patent Search Services

Prior-art Searches, Technical Researches, Patentability or Novelty Searches, Validity Searches, Infringement Searches and State-of-the-art Searches, to carefully ascertain that your SME does not infringe the rights of others. This will further help in...

  • Avoiding wasteful investments in Research & Development.
  • Verifying a claim’s strength and validity.
  • Provides freedom to operate.
  • Enables you to write well-protected / strong Claims.
  • Protection against infringement.

Patent Drafting, Prosecution and Analysis

Preparation of responses requires in-depth knowledge of the Patent inventions along with thorough study in already existing criterion of patentability. SunLexis’ certified Patent experts have required knowledge and experience in drafting patent applications for multiple judiciary systems.
They provide quality and customized patent drafting services for law firms, patent practitioners, engineering firms / business or individual inventors. You can rely on us for..

  • Patent Portfolio Analysis
  • Intellectual Property Due Diligence
  • Drafting Patent Applications (Complete / Provisional)
  • Patent Application Review
  • Patent Analytics
  • Preparing to Office Actions Responses
  • Patent Proof Reading and Illustrations

We have enough expertise in handling various high-tech disciplines including telecommunications, biotechnology patents, and electrical, chemical & mechanical industry. Being aware of the fact that technological inventions provide competitive edge and monetary rewards for the Patent Assignees, developing and maintaining IP (Intellectual Property) becomes important. With world class patent outsourcing India, our attorneys assure that you incur least possible patent application costs.

The patent attorneys India at SunLexis have expertise in providing Intellectual Property Services like Patentability Searches, Patent Drafting, Patent Litigation, Patent Analytics and many such services. Avail the benefits of our in-house counsel to better manage your Intellectual Property Services and gain advantage of cost-effectiveness.

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