Legal Research Services

Research Tailored to the Case for Persuasive Legal Arguments.

In this “Age of Information”, we have multiple sources of information that are supporting the practice of legal research. Available in the form of books, magazines, newspapers and the Internet, all these valuable resources are powering the sector of legal research services.

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In such a scenario it becomes important to identify the right factors and resources that would support decision making. This can become a time consuming and expensive exercise that can deviate the lawyers from concentrating on their core business.

This is where Sunlexis’ seven years’ of experience in legal research services comes in the picture. Realizing that our legal research services for attorneys and clients are being carried out by our adept professionals will be relied on by the lawyers to give advice to their end clients, we ensure that:

  • Information based on our research is CREDIBLE. The comfort of our research lawyers with both the common and civil legal systems and their method of focusing first on Primary Sources (Statutes, Rules, Regulations, Case Law) and then resorting to Secondary Sources (Law Reviews, Legal Treatises, Dictionaries) through online legal research ensure the reliability of the information.
  • Information provided through our legal research services is ACCURATE. The accuracy of the information is substantiated by researching the relevant legislative and statutory sources, case law researches and precedents and analyzing the information that is useful for the purpose.
  • Information based on our research and legal analysis is CURRENT. To ensure that the information is recent, we ensure primary sources of legislation have not been repealed or amended, case laws relied upon have not been overturned.
  • Information based on our research gives you COST ADVANTAGE. Information based on our research gives you COST ADVANTAGE. With our legal research services, your substantial cost savings could be as high as 70%, thus, it will certainly make sense to avail our legal research services, if you’ve been in quest of affordable solutions.
  • Handle multifarious APPLICATION AREAS related to Legal Research Services.
  • Access to SPECIALIZED TOOLS like Westlaw, Oncle, Highbeam, LexisNexis of conducting research on various issues and subjects. Our database is filled with legal memorandum examples and legal drafting formats, which further turns our working process easier and swifter.
  • Compliance with International Standards of DATA PRIVACY and CONFIDENTIALITY.


  • Identification of the issue based on the facts of the client’s case;
  • Identification of the tools and the keywords for locating the most relevant information;
  • Identifying the relevant legislation, statutes, case laws that give substance to the issue at hand;
  • Reading, understanding and extracting the information that is most pertinent to the issue at hand;
  • Presenting the information in the client desired format.

Why Outsource Legal Research Services:

Legal Research Services, Legal Research India

The overall process of legal research is indeed time-consuming, complex and costly. Your very first attempt towards doing legal research might not give the accurate results, therefore, chances are high that you indulge in it for a longer period. Knowing this fact are the companies, offering legal research services to the clients who are also cognizant of this fact that the overall task of legal research is highly tedious. On the contrary, access to contemporary technology is necessitated to further support legal research services. This is why clients demanding authentic legal research services always approach a veteran legal outsourcing company. Thus, going with professionals is an economical and effective alternative to carry out legal research and writing work.

Choose SunLexis’, Legal Research Services to get not only the maximum but the best results. Please contact us at for further details on how we can help you with our lucrative and fruitful legal research services.

Our legal research service expands to:

  • Legislation Research: Primary and Secondary
  • Regulatory and Administrative Law Research
  • Case Law Research (“Sheperdizing”)
  • Multi-Jurisdictional Research
  • Issue based Research
  • Drafting Legal Documents
  • Cause of Action Research
  • Legal Articles
  • SEC Filings Research
  • Case Summaries
  • Foreign Law Research
  • Legal Contract Agreement Management
  • Forthcoming Laws Research
  • Memorandum of Law
  • Court Docket Sheet Research
  • Second Opinions
  • Legal Briefs
  • Compliance/Regulatory Research
  • Westlaw/Lexis Research

Output Formats

  • Memorandum of Law
  • Summaries
  • Second Opinions
  • Legal Briefs
  • Letters
  • Articles

One of our regular clients required us to do an accelerated foreign legal research on an issue that had to be further drafted in the form of a memorandum along with a detailed research summary. With many impending cases, Client's attorneys were spending too much of time on searches that deviated them from concentrating on their core business. It was clear that the firm had to find a better way of getting things done. Trusting SunLexis’ advanced search ability, the client was able to meet the demand of its ultimate client, free its attorneys to concentrate on more productive work and reduce costs.

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