Intellectual Property Services

Intellectual property of an organization or an individual includes several intangible assets such as musical, literary or artistic work, discoveries / inventions, words, phrases, symbols, designs or particular color schemes.

These identities at times symbolize a firm’s functions through which they attain economical advantage. We help them identify these intangible assets through copyrights and patents and design IP Policies to not only ensure they are protected against exploitation of any kind but also give full benefits in terms of revenue, reputation and market share.

Our range of Intellectual Property - IP Litigation Services for the legal and the corporate world includes research, analysis and drafting for:

  • Copyrights(granted to literary works of authors or creators including the right of copy, distribution and adaptation. It is transferable and lasts for a certain time period after which work is said to enter the public domain)
  • Trademarks (it refers to distinctive sign or indicator of associated with an individual, business organization to identify their products or services)
  • Patents (granted to an investor or an assignee for limited period of time in exchange for a public disclosure of an invention)
  • Industrial Design Rights (it is granted to protect the visual design/pattern used to produce a product, service, commodity or handicraft )
  • Trade Secrets (it’s a formula, process, design, instrument, pattern etc. by which a business entity obtains economic advantage)

Why Choose SunLexis for Intellectual Property Protection and Support

IP Policy of a company totally depends on the kind of business it is onto and its respective governing body. Our IP analysts have acquired huge industry experience in policy drafting, patent drafting, litigation support, patent analytics, novelty or technical searches (such as trademark infringement search, patent proofing), prior art searches (such as trademark research), patent mining & monetization and many more patent services. They help in

  • Putting new IP policies in action
  • Analyzing existing policies and checking due diligence
  • Conducting IP audits
  • Optimizing existing policies
  • IP Risk Analysis and Clearance

Management of existing IP principles on the other side includes checking on scheduled follow ups with various patent offices, trademarks or copyright registry for proceedings such as reply to claim amendments, keeping a track of payment of renewal fees, scheduled hearings, and their consecutive outcomes.

Our intellectual property attorneys develop and design IP policies and processes that enable our clients fulfill their commitment towards Intellectual Property generation, protection, management and commercialization. and minimize the likelihood of litigation.

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