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Trademarks Services

SunLexis provides comprehensive trademarks research and brand protection services to help legal professionals and brand owners develop better strategies against any kind of infringement.

As Trademarks and Service Marks play a vital role in promoting goods and services of an organization, we help our clients through comprehensive trademark services for their entire lifecycle, including legal compliance and documentary requirements in any country. We help them select, acquire and maintain these marks through all legislative driven tasks.

The core function of Trademark and Service marks is to exclusively identify the commercial source and origin of products / services and serve a token of origin. Hence, it becomes essentially important for an organization to acquire and maintain the most suitable marks for their products and services.

So, whether you require an extensive trademarks research or trademark infringement search to ascertain the availability and authenticity of a particular mark or need somebody to prepare Trademark application for you or want a reliable source to cost-effectively handle and maintain entire Trademark / Service Mark portfolio, we can do it all for you. Our trademark lawyers are compliant with the entire

Copyright Services

Literary art work, dramatic, musical, and artistic work such as songs, poetry, novels, movies, paintings etc. are most vulnerable for thefts and copyright violation. There is no guard of protecting the facts, ideas or systems but copyright legislation act certainly provides protection against...

  • Derivation & Adaptation.
  • Reproduction of authorized art work.
  • Unauthorized distribution of original art work.
  • Performance / usage or display of copyrighted work on public platform.

The sole purpose of our Copyright services is to help you protect and retain the possession and control over your original art work. Though legal copyright registration is not mandatory, you may like to protect it as someone might just earn monetary benefits from the work that actually belongs to you. Thence it is extremely vital to protect your intellectual property through appropriate copyright patent trademark.

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  • Trademark Search & Analysis Services – Applying our systematic search methodology in alignment with your business objectives to help you adopt and protect your brand name or logo.
  • Trademark Drafting Services - Experienced and comprehensive Trademark drafting services according to legislative system and trademark laws prevalent in your country.
  • Trademark Watching – Put a complete control over your trademark portfolio and benefit from a bundle of exclusive rights by our Trademark watching services. We ensure that your Trademark rights are safe in your territory of enforcement.
  • Trademark Renewals – Reducing your administrative burden by managing your Trademark renewals including all documentary formalities.
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