Frequently Asked Questions

Mentioned below are some of the Frequently Asked Questions that our clients generally inquire in order to better understand our services. We hope that reading through the information provided here will serve to help establish a better understanding about our services and our company.

  • 1
  • Who will be handling my project?

  • 2
  • How proficient Indian attorneys at handling foreign legal systems?

  • 3
  • What type of Services do you provide?

  • 4
  • How do you address privacy and security concerns?

  • 5
  • What is your pricing structure?

  • 6
  • How do I make the payment? Do you offer discounts for prolonged projects?

  • 7
  • What are the legal tools that SunLexis attorneys have access to? Will you be billing me for payable on-line research, such as Westlaw, Delphion or Lexis Nexis?

  • 8
  • Will you provide copies of authorities cited in your research?

  • 9
  • What is SunLexis’ Quality Process?

  • 10
  • What is the necessity of pilot / sample project?

  • 11
  • What service level agreements do you provide? What if it you exceed or fall short of time frame previously agreed?

  • 12
  • How do I get in touch with you?

  • 13
  • Why should I opt for SunLexis Legal Process Outsourcing services?

  • 14
  • Can attorneys of SunLexis represent me in the court?

  • 15
  • How do I maintain complete control over my project?

  • 16
  • How do you receive and return the data?

  • 17
  • I still have more questions?

LPO Company India
LPO Company India


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