Lease Abstraction Services

Increase the value of your Lease Data

Abstraction of relevant data from Leases is important to any real estate company to ensure that it does not miss out on any important deadlines, financial obligations, payment follow-ups and renewals or terminations.

Is Lease Abstraction eating up your valuable time that you can spend on growing your business?

Lease Abstraction Services are meant to help the Real Estate companies make the data contained in contracts valuable and thereby act as an important criterion in making commercial decisions. Our team of experienced Lease Analysts ensures that our abstracts are characterized with Accuracy, Consistency, Timeliness and Economics- we provide a complete outline of the relevant portions of a lease together with referenced section headings.

Distinctive Features of our Lease Abstraction Services:

  • Precision of Data
    1. Thorough analysis of the lease document along with any addendums, amendments, estoppels certificates;
    2. Our Lease Abstraction Services ensure that the following information is by default abstracted from each lease:
      • Basic Information like the identification of the Leased Premises, type and use of premises, area of leased premises, landlord and tenant identification, term of the lease, commencement and expiration dates
      • Financial Information like basic rent, additional rent, provision for increments, common area maintenance charges, tenant and landlord improvements, security deposit, penalty for late payments, percentage rent
      • Options Information like Renewal, right of first refusal, assignment, sub-contracting, expansion of lease, parking
  • Competitive Rates: Our prices for lease abstraction services and other legal service India are very economical. Contact us to know our pricing options.
  • Flexibility: We ensure that the process involved with our lease abstraction services is completely synchronous with the specifications provided by the client.
  • Resource Availability: : We have the capability of ramping up the team size to meet critical deadlines provided by the client.
  • Dedicated Project Managers:Acting as single point of contact. The Project Manager acts as a supervisor and trainer and is responsible for quality of the entire process. He/She keeps the client regularly updated on the progress of the project and closely works with the client to ensure error-free lease and contract abstraction.
  • Confidentiality of Data: We understand the privacy of documents requirements and ensure that we enter into NDAs with each of our clients.
  • Free Trial: We offer a free sample service to you. This ensures that you get an idea about our process and accuracy and we acquire better understanding of the project before it is outsourced to us.

Lease Abstraction Process

  • The process of lease abstraction services starts with the receipt of the leases and other supporting documents from the client. The Client can send the documents to us via FTP, CD or even as hardcopies.
  • Once the leases are received, our Lease Abstraction Analysts organize the leases and go through the leases thoroughly to ensure that they do not miss out on any information that has to be abstracted. Al the relevant information is highlighted in the original lease document.
  • The highlighted information is then abstracted and entered in the client specified output format which can be Word, Excel, Access or any other client defined format.
  • The entire abstracted information is then quality checked by the Project Manager who acts as a single point of contact for the client.
  • After going through the QC process, the files are delivered to the client.
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