Electronic Document Management Services

Complete support at every stage of electronic discovery

Legal documents carry case-critical information in form of paper documents and various electronic formats including e-mails, spreadsheets, web pages etc.

Legal data is usually spread across various locations and is subject to change. Successful integration of all these informative tools is required for accurate and prompt decision making.

SunLexis recognizes that creating comprehensive records and preserving these decision tools is burdensome and laborious. We have designed our specialized set of services to help legal firms and corporate legal departments have better control over the discovery process with all the facts organized and shared the way they want to.

One of the key components of our E-Discovery and Paralegal Service is Electronic Document Management Services (EDM). Our advanced legal document management systems are equipped with all the necessary features that are required for swift content management. Core features of our EDM system is capturing, management, retrieval and quick database processing. It can act like a stand-alone system and perform all document management functions on its own.

We help companies with their document retention, record and retrieval needs. Our EDM system includes legal document review, legal coding/litigation coding India, legal indexing, keyword coding, database management and E-Discovery drafting at extremely affordable costs.

We will help your collaborate and easily share all your vital information by making it easy to identify, organize and analyze. We can increase the efficiency of your document management and legal electronic discovery process by allowing you to:

  • Quickly access all types of legal documents:

    Our system properly organizes your litigation data making it easier for you to simply import, use and print reports in any form (Excel, PDF, Word, XML etc.), anytime and anyplace.
  • Quickly access all types of legal documents:

    Our system properly organizes your litigation data making it easier for you to simply import, use and print reports in any form (Excel, PDF, Word, XML etc.), any time and anyplace.
  • Prompt Searches for faster decision making:

    Our litigation support services ensure that your documents are organized in such a way that you can easily search on keywords, text, dates, bates range, proximity, type etc. Our system offers combination of Index and Boolean searches and lets you export search results to any format (Excel, CSV and HTML etc.).
  • Systematically Organized Reports:

    Have formatted and customized reports for fact review and trial preparation.
  • Supports Multilevel Functionality:

    Our document management systems ensure linear progression by allowing various users to simultaneously access and use the stored data.
  • Manage Immense Volumes of Litigation Data:

    Our discovery and management software safely can handle millions of records.
  • Meet the Security and Access Control Needs:

    For various hierarchal levels, data access system can be modified and controlled.
  • Long-Term Preservation:

    Our system ensures that your litigation records are saved for longer duration and thus helps you comply with your regulatory authorities.
  • Exporting Search Results:

    Our system provides you several tools for modifying the work output in the desired format.
  • Backup & Recovery Feature:

    We have disaster management system in place for data retrieval.

You can rely on a trusted Litigation Service Provider in form of SunLexis. We have acquired necessary experience and expertise in Electronic Document Management / E-Discovery services. We will help you through all stages of discovery, including document identification, preservation, collection, processing, review and production. For additional information on our services, please call us at (91) 989-999-8198

Why Choose SunLexis As Your EDM Support?

  • Save on space by taking huge amounts of paper documents from filing cabinets to computers;
  • Increase the longevity of the documents as the risk of paper documents being torn or lost or stolen is minimized;
  • Increase the productivity of your business as electronic storage by legal service provider allows faster retrieval of the documents you want;
  • Increase the security of your documents as access to documents is password protected;
  • Guard against a disaster being struck as we have Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans in place;
  • Save on administrative costs as now the need to hire people to effectively manage the documents and retrieve them is cut down;
  • Convert documents from one format to another easily;
  • Easily update any new documents


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