Legal Transcription and Legal Typing Services

Increasing the usability of your Legal Information

SunLexis specializes in providing transcription and legal typing services to the legal world. It consists of superior quality legal data transcription into the format of the client’s preference. We make voice or video based legal content available in the electronic format, so that it is easily available for posterity.

The fact that our Litigation division is managed by experienced lawyers who were into practicing earlier, we understand how the wrong interpretation of a single word or phrase can influence the outcome in the court. Therefore, our transcription and legal typing services are powered by a set of trained transcribers and legal transcriptionists, who has the knowledge of basic to advanced transcription terminology. They check and proofread all the transcripts and ensure accuracy of 99.99%. Our analysts and legal typists bring along huge industry experience in handling the most difficult transcription work. They have excellent typing and memory skills to comprehend miscellaneous regional/national accents and furnish the legal transcription along with legal typing services of utmost accuracy.

We cater to the needs of law agencies, law firms, legal attorneys, legal prosecutors and legal court reporters. We have successfully handled medical and legal transcription for larger files like affidavits, court hearings, interviews etc.

We have defined the styles of verbatim in three categories to help you choose the style best suited for your needs.

True Verbatim

  • This style of transcription will include capturing of each and every verbal expression like pauses (umms, umh’s), false starts, laughter, crying, repetitively used words (you know, right, okay etc.), stutters etc.

Clean Verbatim

  • This style of transcription includes capturing of clean and precise voice messages while removing all the errors and barriers to form a smooth transcript. For this our transcribers carefully remove the non-verbal utterance, doubled words, stutters etc.

Copy-Ready Verbatim

  • For a copy-ready verbatim, we take the assistance of our copy specialists’ editing services. They check the entire transcript for grammatical mistakes, personal comments, slangs etc. and remove these all to form a copy-ready transcript.

Process Followed

  • You dictate your notes into any digital device like Digital Recorder, PDA, Blackberry or any other handheld device.
  • Send across the recorded notes via e-mail or upload on our FTP server (recommended for larger files).
  • Our transcribers will download the files and convert them into word or word perfect using specified template.
  • The completed transcript goes through the process of QA and proof-reading.
  • The final transcript is sent via email through a secure connection.

Outsource transcription, dictation and legal typing services to SunLexis and increase your productivity while benefitting from our low cost transcription and legal typing services. With our efficient legal transcription and copy typing services your organization will not have to hire more employees.

Digital Content Conversion

Digital Content Conversion

    We can transcribe the following audio files:
  • Depositions/ Trials / Interrogatories / Subpoenas Reports
  • Court Proceedings / Hearings
  • Wire Tapes / Court Tapes/ Client Tapes
  • Transcription of Letters and other correspondences including letters from clients, judges, court clerks, attorneys etc.
  • Legal Pleadings
  • Reports / Briefs
  • Wills / Leases
  • Witness Statements / Legal Examinations / Sworn Statements / Examinations under Oath
  • Police Interrogations
  • Transcription of Memos / Summons / Arbitrations
  • Tribunal Transcription
  • Business Transcription
  • Mediation Briefs
  • Jury Statements/Instructions/Testimonies
  • Points of Disputes
  • Bills of Costs
  • Telephonic Conversations
  • Verbatim Voice Dictation from Seminar, Meetings, Interviews and Lectures
  • Minutes of Meetings & Conferences
  • Conversion of Legal Documents from one format to another
  • Legal Typing

Input/Output Formats

We can transcribe from sources such as standard / micro cassettes, audio files from any format like:

  • MP3, MP2, WMA, VAL, RM, WAV, AU, SND, MOV, ASF, VM1, DSS, VOX, SRI etc.

We can send the transcribed document in the format of your preference including:

  • MS Word, RTF, TXT, HTML or any format of you request.