E-Discovery Process

Every phase of e-Discovery lifecycle addressed

SunLexis transforms the way law firms and corporate legal departments around the world manage their electronic discovery processes and provide superior EDD (Electronic Data Discovery) services by identifying, collecting, filtering, processing, and producing the litigation data.

Legal proceedings need information to be churned out from terabytes of data; meeting stern deadlines while maintaining the quality and accuracy of abstracts becomes challenging. This is where SunLexis, one of the most renowned electronic discovery companies makes the difference by streamlining the litigation processes and ensuring that all the relevant information is properly analyzed and produced with its e-discovery services.

Since state and federal courts across the United States demand extensive case support exhibits and documents; we at SunLexis, e-discovery India assist plaintiffs in managing, analyzing, producing and drafting the necessary Discovery Requests, Disclosures, Interrogatories, Admissions of Facts and Requests of Production and Depositions.

We not only manage the documents received from the other party but also the documents produced during the legal discovery process. Our team of qualified lawyers has successfully handled several E-Discovery projects and closely follows the client’s inputs in terms of timeliness and cost-effectiveness for the discovery requests.

Discovery Management

SunLexis has unparalleled ability in handling the entire electronic data discovery processes; which entails legal document review, email discovery, legal document coding, legal document indexing, data base management, discovery analysis, E-Discovery drafting, document retention and management services. We can handle high-volume discovery in complex litigation and manage millions of pages.

Document Review

Document review, the first step in performing litigation discovery is quite significant. It requires the attorneys to assess the relevance and responsiveness of a document. For better output, we conduct the document reviewing in two stages.

  • First Level Document Review: Using our knowledge about the facts of a case and issues of the law, we initially analyze and organize the electronic documents for relevance, confidentiality, privilege, key documents and responsiveness.
  • Advanced Level Document Review: We also ensure that we segregate the documents in separate folders for the plaintiff, defendant and other parties relevant to a particular case. This helps in quick retrieval of the documents as per the demand of the case.

Litigation Coding

We create constructive summaries of extensive legal documents and make then available for better operability. We can conduct faster keying of voluminous litigation documents and produce fast-search indexes or databases. Our Litigation Coding proficiency expands to:

  • Bibliographic / Objective Coding: We identify & extract information from bibliographic fields such as document type, document ranges, date ranges, bate ranges, page numbers, author, recipients, titles etc. We can provide the resulting database in desirable format.
  • In-Text / Subjective Coding: We provide comprehensive and logical analysis of the extensive legal documents. For this, we conduct subjective readings and glean out coherent information for fields such as subject line, relevance analysis etc.
  • Logical Document Determination (LDD): We analyze the logical boundaries of documents by inspecting the individual pages and attachment pages linked to the respective documents. LDD includes two levels of unitization.
    • Unitization and attachment range within the document.
    • Unitization within the document range.
  • Bate Stamping: We can provide sequential numbers to the legal documents and do bate stamping in numeric or alpha numeric formats, depending on the client’s preference.
  • Indexing: We can electronically index each entry in a handwritten log and create searchable databases for you to effortlessly analyze relevant data.
  • Keyword Coding: Litigation documents encompasses information spread across thousands of pages; we code client designated keywords found anywhere in the document and help them identify & extract desired information from these documents. .

Database Management

We can construct an integrated database of the entire information recovered during the discovery process in Microsoft Excel, Access or any other format of the client’s choice. We can identify and define the essential keywords and enter the information in those fields. We have Concordance and Opticon Database Management Systems at our disposal.

Discovery Analysis

To fasten up the process of E-Discovery, SunLexis helps corporate lawyers, investigators, other e-discovery vendors and litigators quickly gain advantage of understanding the information in context. We help law firms reduce litigation and compliance risks and help them make better decisions to boost discovery productivity, and consistency across various areas. We help our clients with:

  • Review, Analysis and Logical Determination of all the Discovery Documents.
  • Sort documents as per parties, witnesses, topics, responsiveness and relevancy.
  • Identify and link related document and duplicates.
  • Summarize pleadings, depositions and documents.

Discovery Drafting

The key to a successful discovery is about knowing the information available and having it classified and located in a systematic manner. We assist our clients in drafting the necessary Discovery Pleadings like Interrogatories, Request for Production of Documents, Motion to Compel Discovery and Deposition Summaries.

Complete support at every stage of electronic discovery

Pre-trial Discovery:

    cReview and Analyze Documents for Production; Prepare Chronologies of Facts; Create Charts; Review Transcripts
  • Review and Draft Interrogatories and Request for Production and any other pleadings or legal documents.
  • Conduct research and gather information pertinent to the case from various resources.
  • Deposition Preparation, Document Compilation, including Exhibits.
  • Public Records Search (e.g. dockets, secretary of state records etc.

Trial Discovery:

  • Organize exhibits, files, supporting documents electronically
  • Preparation of Discovery Motions and Indexing of Documents for Table of Contents and Table of Authorities
  • Prepare Binders for any witness or subject matter
  • Summarizing Depositions, proceedings

Post-Trial Discovery:

  • Document Review and Analysis to determine relevant information
  • Cite and fact check legal briefs
  • Compile information concerning issues identified by attorneys and prepare graphs


Give an edge to your oral presentations compelling graphic presentations. Our designing team uses the latest tools to give you graphics that will enable you to better present your arguments. Our expertise expands to:

  • 3D Animations;
  • Charts & Timelines;
  • Demonstrative Graphics;
  • PowerPoint Presentations;
  • Callouts for Trial;
  • Enlargements in Trial Exhibits;
  • Colored as well as Black and white Document Enlargements;
  • Transparencies;
  • Overlays
  • Flowcharts

To know how cost-effectively we can help you in making presentations, get in touch with us today.

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