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Enhancing efficiency of your legal documents.

SunLexis’ legal drafting services have been characterized by systematic implementation of legal drafting and writing conventions.

Reliable and Result-Oriented Legal Drafting Services at your Doorstep.

With demands of meeting the deadlines, court schedules, trials and client meetings, it can become really pressing to find time for drafting the documents that support the case substantially. Hiring a person who can serve you with his legal drafting services will turn out to be an expensive exercise for you. At Sunlexis, our Legal Drafting services expand to creating agreements and court-specific documents from the scratch, editing and proof-reading and copyediting pre-drafted documents, re-drafting agreements and court documents and analyzing the clauses in the documents to ensure that they have the same meaning when applied in a different jurisdiction.

SunLexis’ Legal Drafting Services categorization

Predictive or Informational Legal Drafting Services encompasses writing memorandums of law after providing intensive legal research services and analysis on a particular legal issue and coming up with an opinion/recommendation citing the relevant statutes, case laws and other relevant legal authorities. Another variant of this kind of drafting is writing letters to clients as per the client defined format. Presentation of statement of facts in briefs is also a kind of informational drafting.

Persuasive Legal Drafting Services covers motions and briefs to be drafted that would convince the court, arbitrator or mediator to accept the argument put forward and resolve the issue in the moving party’s favor. Negotiation Letters and Settlement Agreements are also persuasive in nature.

Functional Legal Drafting Services covers agreements and contracts that must conform to legal formats and meet the objectives of participants of the agreements.

Discovery Drafting Services covers the documents that necessarily have to be drafted to ensure effective Discovery. This would cover drafting of Interrogatories, Request for Production, Request for Admission, Request to produce witnesses.

IP Drafting Services covers drafting, re-drafting and proofreading of necessary Intellectual Property related documents like Patents, Copyright Registration, Copyright Notice, Copyright Infringement, Disclaimers, Terms of Use, Privacy Policy.

Summary Drafting Services encompasses summarization of depositions and transcripts and opinions to ensure easier and faster access to the desired information.

Re-drafting Services would entail conducting contract review, agreement review, personal injury demand letter review, contract analysis and thus editing, proofreading, re-structuring pre-drafted contracts, agreements and court-specific documents.

Why outsource Legal Drafting Services to SunLexis?

Following determinants give SunLexis an edge over similarly placed competitors in this area:

  • Relevant facts and issues and causes of action effectively addressed
  • Citation of the most recent and correct statutory authority and case laws and precedents to substantiate your documents
  • Legally recognized and approved formats for agreements and court documents
  • Legal drafts prepared by lawyers who are trained in common law systems, well conversant with drafting rules and appropriate usage of grammar and language and abreast with the latest developments in the legal world
  • Access to documents pertaining to multiple jurisdictions
  • Avoid administrative burdens and stressful periods;
  • Effective cost savings
  • Quick Turnaround Time
  • Assurance on quality and the credibility of the information
  • Privacy and confidentiality of documents maintained
Execution Mechanism:
  • Necessary information and instructions taken from the client when drafting project is received
  • Extensive research on finding the right set of forms and precedents to suit the client’s requirements and covering all the requisite clauses
  • After receiving the feedback from the client, changes, if any, are quickly incorporated and the final result is delivered to the client
  • We cut short the time that you might be spending in legal writing and enhance the productivity and value of your law firm. By outsourcing your Legal Drafting India work to SunLexis, you can produce a finished product in a shorter time.

SunLexis’ legal services in India are led by proficient law executives with decades of domain expertise that offers a unique perspective to support legal, paralegal, finance, procurement, sales and operations departments with comprehensive legal process outsourcing services.

Service Areas

  • Employment Contract DraftingShareholder Contract Drafting
  • Memorandum of Law
  • Legal Briefs and Motions
  • Replies and Rejoinders
  • Affidavits
  • Wills
  • Donation Agreements
  • Master Purchase and Sale Agreements
  • Logistics and Service Agreements
  • Copyright Agreements and Notices
  • Private Placement memorandum
  • Consultancy and Service Agreements
  • Brokerage Agreements
  • Notices, Complaints and Briefs
  • Memorandum of Law
  • Discovery Requests, Interrogatories and Motion to Compel
  • Settlement Agreements

Industries Served:

We help organizations transform their globally distributed contracting environments with meticulously defined legal outsourcing services

  • Legal Professionals
  • Consultants
  • Corporate Houses
  • Website Developers
  • Website Owners
  • Software Vendors
  • Pro Se Litigants
  • Publishing Houses

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