Document Review Services

With vast increase in the amount of information being stored in various digital formats, the requirement for Document Review has become a necessity in the area of electronic discovery. Moreover, legislative requirements also call for a discovery plan [FRCP 26(f)]. Under this federal Rule, the parties have to decide upon the best recourse for reviewing and producing relevant information stored electronically.

Document Review at its very basic level refers to perusal of millions of documents to identify documents that are relevant and responsive to the issue or facts of a particular case. A further stage to this process is the identification of documents that are privileged and may be withheld from production or redacted for content.

Due to the enormous amount of information to be reviewed, the process of Document Review can become quite expensive. In fact, costs of Document Review can range from 50% to 90% of the litigation costs. One of the ways to avoid such high costs is to reduce the amount of data that is to be reviewed. It can happen if the collecting and processing of the documents is done prudently to help in the review. The key is to cull and filter the data by way of de-duplication, keyword searches and file filtering etc. Another way to reduce the costs and the time involved in reviewing the documents is to outsource it to a document review vendor like SunLexis specializing in e-discovery processes.

Forms of Document Review

First Level/Pass Document Review: involves reviewing the documents and identifying whether the documents are responsive or non-responsive to the case or issue at hand; confidential ; privileged; and key or hot.

Second/Advanced Level Document Review: involves coding the documents; identification of privileged documents that can be withheld from production or redacted for content; identification of documents for deposition preparation, production and maintaining documents in specific folders based on issues, subject and parties.

SunLexis’ Advantage

To ensure that you gain cost advantage and quality hand-in hand in your outsourced Document Review projects, SunLexis ensures that:

  • Per-unit Pricing - Pricing Model for the project is per unit based, i.e. payment of a fixed per page price that would include processing, hosting, review and production of documents.
  • Project Management - Project is supervised by an experienced Project Manager who acts as the sole point of contact and as Quality Checker of the final work-product;
  • Dedicated workforce - Effective training is provided to a few selected resources before the start of the project to ensure that project is able to meet its deadline with minimum scope of errors.
  • Sample Services - Free Trial is offered before the entire project can be outsourced to ensure that we are able to better understand the nature and scope of the project and the client is better able to judge our capabilities in the Document Review process.
  • Document Security - Confidentiality and Security of the documents is ensured through password protection, restricted access, confidentiality agreements.

Effective Pricing Model that doesn’t cost you much

    We prefer a per-unit pricing model for Document Review projects. The project pricing is decided after taking into account the following important variables:
  • Size of the project;
  • Deadline of the project;
  • Type of Project (Litigation or Internal Investigation);
  • Source of Data (ESI, hard copies, audio-visual);
  • Type of Data (PDF, Tiff, Native);
  • Scope of Project (Responsiveness, Privilege, Confidentiality, Redaction);
  • Type of Review (First-Level Review, Advanced Level Review)
  • Requirements of Coding (Objective, Subjective)

Cut down on your e-discovery costs- go for ECA

EARLY CASE ASSESSMENT, better known as ECA, can help you significantly cut down on the discovery costs during litigation. ECA prepares you better for prospective litigation and also ensures compliance with some regulatory requirements. ECA can help you in cutting down on the amount of data that is to be processed and reviewed. Indexing and keyword filtering can cut down on the documents to be reviewed.


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