Paralegal and E-Discovery Services

Partners in Unleashing your Litigation Prowess.

Paralegal and E-Discovery Services are in sheer demand nowadays because legal departments are loaded with tons of documents, stored in different electronic formats. Thus, in this regard, eminent legal outsourcing companies are lending their helping hand to the law firms and corporate legal departments. With their prolific Paralegal and E-Discovery Services, companies are re-managing and organizing their clients' information, stored in various electronic formats. This is the job that even we excel in doing at Sunlexis.

With time, the complexities of businesses are growing and resulting in the accumulation of paper documents and electronic data, which are further widespread in varied formats and systems that are positioned at different locations. We find this data generally in an unorganized manner, thus, professional Paralegal and E-Discovery Services are necessitated to integrate these information tools for better decision making.

Our Paralegal and E-Discovery Services at Sunlexis involve identification, collection, preservation, processing, analysis and review of potentially responsive electronic stored information. On the contrary, we also put across fruitful case management services, document review services, document indexing and legal document coding services.

Apart from serving the clients with result-oriented Paralegal and E-Discovery Services, we also exhibit legal support services for corporate legal bodies, law firms, research firms and for other industry verticals.

Our lawyers have experience in ensuring that the investment advisory firms are also in compliance with the rules of their respective governing authorities. Our competent team supports our lawyers in handling corporal secretarial work. Our e-discovery services ensure more than 50% of cost saving on litigation coding and e-discovery services related jobs.

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Project Management Services

Combination of legal experience and project management skills in our Lawyers gives you formidable project execution and give us an edge over our competitors. Depending upon the nature and scope of work involved a legal outsourcing India team is selected for the same.

The project is assigned to a dedicated Project Manager (a lawyer conversant with the specifics involved), who acts as the single point of contact between the client and the rest of the team, from the start of the project till its final delivery. This approach of executing the projects ensures that:

Consistency in legal process outsourcing is maintained throughout the lifecycle of the project as proper training and instruction manual is given to each team member;

  • Responsiveness to the client needs in terms of regular updates and resolution of queries is there;
  • The final work product is able to the client’s expectations of accuracy;
  • Cost involved is less as constant communication ensures that scope of errors is minimized;
  • Work product is delivered on time because of well planned project tracking schedules;