Legal Document Coding & Litigation Coding Services

As with any law firm, we are sure that you and your team too would be spending good bit of time in creating fast-search databases of the high volume litigation documents. SunLexis has helped many law firms, private attorneys and corporate legal departments with these labor-intensive and time-consuming jobs, which also involved legal document coding.

At Sunlexis, we create practical summaries of extensive legal documents and make them available for faster handling. We execute our litigation coding projects after meticulously analyzing your load files and project specifications. Outsourcing legal document coding services to SunLexis will let you have an accurate litigation coding done at reasonably reduced costs.

Objective Coding

We can produce fast search indexes and databases by thoroughly examining the legal document coding and keying the objective information for each document. We identify & extract information from bibliographic fields such as::

  • Document type
  • Document ranges
  • Date ranges
  • Bates range
  • Page numbers
  • Author
  • Recipients
  • Titles etc.

In-Text / Subjective Coding

We can also provide subjective interpretation of the content based documents. For this, we carry out extensive document readings to bring together logical information contained in them. This process involves churning out the key information through defined queries which might base on fields such as:

  • Subject line
  • Relevance analysis
  • Summary etc.

Logical Document Determination (LDD)

With our prolific legal document coding services, we can quickly inspect and sort out millions of litigation documents and provide them in systematically organized form. To do this, we identify logical document boundaries and their attachment ranges by thoroughly inspecting document characteristics. We bundle all relevant documents together in a chronological manner for efficient information reference and retrieval.

    LDD includes two types of document unitization:
  • Unitization and attachment range within the document
  • Unitization within the document range

Bate Stamping

During the discovery stage or while preparing for a trial, the large number of litigation documents necessitate identifiable markings for quick reference and retrieval of the information contained in them. For this we perform bate stamping by providing them sequential numbers in client desired numeric or alpha numeric formats.


As thousands of litigation documents encompass information spread across several pages, we index textual information to support efficient and rapid searches.

Keyword Coding

We have the ability to code client designed keywords found anywhere in the documents and support them with easy identification and extraction of the required information.

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